gear up

gear up
make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc

Get the children ready for school!


prepare for war


I was fixing to leave town after I paid the hotel bill

Syn: ↑fix, ↑prepare, ↑set up, ↑ready, ↑set
Derivationally related forms: ↑set (for: ↑set), ↑ready (for: ↑ready), ↑readying (for: ↑ready), ↑preparative (for: ↑prepare), ↑preparatory (for: ↑prepare), ↑preparation (for: ↑prepare)
Hypernyms: ↑change, ↑alter, ↑modify
socialize, ↑socialise, ↑provide, ↑cram, ↑precondition, ↑fix, ↑mount, ↑set up, ↑lay out, ↑set, ↑winterize, ↑winterise, ↑summerize, ↑summerise, ↑prime, ↑cultivate, ↑crop, ↑work, ↑brace, ↑poise
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s something


Somebody ——s somebody


Something ——s somebody


Something ——s something


Somebody ——s somebody PP


Somebody ——s something PP


Somebody ——s to INFINITIVE


Somebody ——s


Somebody ——s

(for: ↑prepare)

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I. transitive verb
1. : to gear so that the driven part goes faster than the driving part
2. : to speed up

gear up production to meet military needs

II. verb
: to get ready

the team is gearing up for the big game

* * *

gear up
1. To make the speed of the driven part higher than that of the driving part
2. To prepare for increased production, new demands, etc
3. To raise the gearing of (a company)
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ˌgear ˈup [intransitive/transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they gear up he/she/it gears up present participle gearing up past tense geared up past participle geared up] phrasal verb
to prepare yourself, or to prepare something for an activity or event

The tobacco companies are gearing up to fight the new tax.

The town is gearing up for the carnival this weekend.

gear yourself up:

Most banks have geared themselves up for an electronic future.

Thesaurus: to make plans or arrangementssynonym
Main entry: gear

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equip or prepare oneself

the region started to gear up for the tourist season

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gear up [phrasal verb]
gear up or gear (someone) up or gear up (someone) : to get ready or to cause (someone) to get ready for something or to do something

The team is gearing up for a comeback.

Manufacturers are gearing up to produce more merchandise.

The coach is gearing up the team for a comeback.

The team is geared up for a win.

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Main Entry:gear

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